3 Secrets To A Vibrant Life:
A Practical Plan To Achieve Your Healthy Weight,
A Clear Focused Mind, and Great Energy All Day Long

Recording Available

Event Was Recorded On:

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

Length:  1 Hour

During The Webinar I Shared:

  • A top weight-loss myth that may actually be making you gain weight

  • Two foods you think are healthy...but could be negatively affecting your metabolism

  • Ordinary foods that increase energy and vitality that you should be eating often

  • A surprising brain-boosting food for a clear, focused mind (bonus:  it's delicious too!)

  • Simple strategies for keeping calm and centered in the midst of your hectic day

  • An easy and amazingly effective way to get fit in less time than you think ~  no more exercising like a mad person for hours!

  • And much, much more...

Kerry McClure, RYT, NC, BCHN

I am passionate about working with people on their journey of individual well-being and lifestyle balance.  In my wellness practice I inspire, motivate, guide and educate nutrition clients, and love to teach group fitness and yoga classes.  I am well-known for my ability to have you leave a private session, fitness or yoga class with an experience to lift you up throughout your day!  "Make a choice.  Take a chance.  Make a change!"  ~Kerry